Why Are My Gutters Leaking

gutter leak

Leaking gutters are an annoyance and a significant pain. They can lead to wet carpets, water stains on the ceiling, as well as potentially damaging your roof. However, they are not difficult to fix if you know what’s causing them in the first place. If you notice that every time it rains, your gutters end up leaking, here are a few reasons why this could be happening: 

Clogged Gutters

Often our gutters can become cluttered with debris such as leaves, dirt, and other outside materials. When they are too clogged up, water won’t be able to flow normally. Water will either overflow or cause too much pressure to your system and create breaks, leading to lots of leaks. It’s best to make sure you clean out your gutters regularly so that the water has a place to go instead of just pooling around your foundation and running down the walls! 

Weak Gutter Sealant

The seals around the gutter itself may have come loose or deteriorated over time, creating room for all sorts of problems. If the sealant has come off the bottom or top part of the gutter, water will leak out. If this is not fixed soon enough, then moss and other vegetation can grow, making leaks worse over time. 

Incorrectly Installed Gutters

Gutters are installed to collect rainwater from your roof and keep it away from the foundation of your home. If you notice that your gutters end up leaking every time it rains, it could be because they weren’t correctly installed. You may want to consult a professional installer who can make sure everything is done correctly so that you don’t have any more problems with leaky gutters in the future.

To prevent leaking issues with your gutters, we suggest investing in a seamless gutter system. At Above The Rest Roofing And Siding, our seamless gutter installation is custom to your home and placed in the best location to divert water. Plus, we get it done right the first time!

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