5 Most Common Spring Roofing Problems

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Spring is a great time to get outside and start fixing up your house. The warm weather makes it easier to tackle some of the tougher jobs, especially involving your roof. It’s important that you take care of any problems before they become major issues in the future, so we’re going to go over five common roofing problems you might be facing in springtime.

1. Patching 

Spring is the ideal time for roof patching. Roofs are exposed to the elements all year round, so they often experience damage during the winter months when it’s cold and snowing. You’ll need to inspect your roof now that spring has arrived, looking for any cracks or breaks in shingles or missing shingles altogether. Patch up any issues before summer hits to avoid the intense heat!

2. Unclean Gutters 

When you leave your gutters clogged up, it leads to poor drainage and water buildup in areas around your roofing and siding. This could eventually cause water damage to these parts of your home, with mold and mildew as a possible outcome. Be sure to get those gutters cleaned ASAP!

3. Poor Gutter Protection

A gutter guard installation is a popular choice for homeowners looking to protect their homes from water damage. These guards are designed to prevent leaves, dirt, and other debris from getting into the gutters. Most homeowners prefer this type of protection because it ensures the safety of your home’s gutter system, your foundation, and roof. 

4. Roof Leaks 

Roof leaks are no stranger to homeowners during the springtime. Whether your shingles were badly damaged during winter, or they are not fully prepared to take on the rain with spring, you’ll want to get any signs of leaking fixed as soon as it’s spotted. 

5. Insects or Animals On Your Roof

As the springtime approaches, all sorts of animals and bugs like to show themselves in different places. This is especially true for those hiding in or on your roofing! Some harmless ways of handling this would be:

  • Clean your roof with soap and water so they can’t stay there anymore. 
  • If they’re still there after this, try spraying peppermint oil onto your roof; it’s not harmful but will repel most small mammals from staying near your house because of its strong, unpleasant smell.
  • Call an extermination company or animal control company if the issue persists longer, and the critters cause damage to your roof. 

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